Icepic Fotograf Marcus Johansson


As I learn more about Hanoi City….

11 januari, 2017


.. I try to get closer to the People, Their ways and expression.





A part of my Hanoi Street photography story…

9 januari, 2017

Hanoi Vietnam

It´s all ways interesting to se what a New place (town) will offer, What is the first to catch your eyes? I Could not help myself falling for all those bikes with all those faces and characters! So I more or less forced my self to let go and try to se something else 🙂

Turkish Airlines

6 januari, 2017


Feeling a bit shaky after a long ride but thru the clouds I have my first glims of Vietnam towards Saigon. And you now what they say -Ones you touch the rainbow…


No more pictures to show….

2 januari, 2017

My image bank on my laptop is empty at least from something meaningful this morning in Istanbul.


So i dig in to some older pictures from last Monday to be precise! My model Frida is playing around with a piece of fabric over her face and body.

This morning over breakfast I´m looking at beautiful sunshine over the ocean and I will soon enough hunt for some new pictures….

Cheers //Marcus in Istanbul

On my way…

31 december, 2016

I will share some pictures from my photo days!


Traveling north by train.


Beautiful feeling at the point of no return!


Lovely crew at Turkish Airline.


Towards the sun…


Little boy in the kabin.


Grundkurs i Linköping igår

28 december, 2016


Roligt att möta er alla och tack för en härlig dag!
Här är en bild från kyrkan med rörelseoskärpa.. Gott nytt år och fortsätt träna tills det tekniken blir självklar! //Marcus

Karin Kylinger Tack själv Marcus! Väldigt bra och kul ? Inspirerande!

Laila Höljervangen Tack själv Marcus! Mycket givande kurs med bra pedagogik. Nu kommer kameran gå varm – jag lovar 🙂

Torbjörn Welam Tack för en kanonutbildning Marcus, inte blev det sämre att vi kunde sitta efteråt o snacka över pilsner ??