Icepic Fotograf Marcus Johansson

Hanoi Street photography Story workshop January 12-15 2017

*** Please note that the Price is reduced from 800 to 500 euro. So the total payment will be 500 that means another 300 for you who had paid deposit already.***

Our purpose will be to create an interesting image story with approximately 30-40 pictures of Hanoi street-life. Shooting lokal characters, Cityscapes and environments, Different moods and lightnings of the day and night. Shoot city details and food from our restaurant visits. Create emotions and movements both sharp and unsharp. Work careful and patiently with composition to set that final feeling to what you like to express!

Complete your booking: Mail your name and adress to and I will return your confirmation.

We will get together for preparations on Thursday evening January 12  from 6 – 9 pm. Start early Friday morning and similar on Saturday and use Sunday Jan. 15  for creating and build up your image story of Hanoi Street life and show your results fore discussion and professional feedback.

How to make a good and interesting story with your images, How to shoot them and how to chose them and finally organize them in good order to make your story complete.

We will spend 4 days together in this dynamic city creating a slideshow according to your personal experience and the way you interpetate the heart of Hanoi City. Together we vill set upp a storyboard and plan for the images we can control and even the spontaneous ones.

Except for your camera gear you will need a laptop or similar item to manage your images.


Date and place 12-15 January 2017 The course will start from here

I´m a full time professional photographer here in Stockholm since 20 years and I´ve been shooting Street sins 1982 and most recently in New York (September 2016) Before that i have had similar workshops sins 2008 in Paris, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York and of course Stockholm sins 2001 where i also teach photography in different levels at The Folk university.

Total Price: 500 euro per person including lunch. Everything else is excluded such as Traveling, Hotel, Etc,
Registration deposit: 200 euro
Maximum Number of Participants: 8
Payment in Full: 30 days prior to the workshop starting date

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Refunds will be paid in full 45 days or more by the same method that the original payment was made
Less than 44 days: no refund

Expected expenses during the course days could be Local city transportation, Restaurant visit, and anything else that will make you feel good and get you thru the days.

This will be my first trip to Hanoi and I will go there one week earlier to plan everything necessary before the course starts. Together we will discover all that this city can offer!
You can certainly stay at the same hotell as we do or there will be plenty others in the nearby area.

Complete your booking: Mail your name and adress to and I will return your confirmation.

Let me show you some  new  images from Hanoi below…