Architecture Fine art photography workshop Barcelona May. 2018

No matter what your up against, there will always be a way to create an interesting and beautiful picture as long as you can see and understand how to make the very best out of your motiv!
Photography workshop 2017 October 11-14 Wednesday evening-Saturday afternoon
Together we will  create and build up graphic images of great Exterior buildings in Barcelona. Using different lights of the day and work careful and patiently with composition to get in to the heart and soul of that particular building and perhaps even in to the mind of the Architect.
To guide your way you will have a structured working method that will help you open your eyes and become more creative and let loose of old patterns and rutins.
As we go along our final purpose will be to shoot interesting images for the eye not necessary explaining what kind of building we are looking at. It will be more  a matter of beautiful lines in careful chosen and well balanced composition and of course using the light to bring out the magic.

Some background of me:
I´m a full time professional photographer here in Stockholm since 20 years and I´ve been shooting Architecture seriously since 1997. I have had workshops and lectures for real estate brokers since 2001.  To day i deliver images for some of the biggest company’s here in Sweden mostly of commercial real estates.