Model Shoot at inspiring street environments in Hong Kong March 19-2017

There is something magic about shooting models in exiting environments. One of the greatest feeling is when you´re being busy building up interesting images with a beautiful model in different lights posing with various expressions and projects nothing but positiv energy towards your camera!

In order to be a better photographer you need to know where you´re going. And if you like to develop you´re creativeness you need to understand all the parts that you can influence!
The workshop will contain a great deal of basic and i like to think of it as quite advanced composition technique. Not because it is hard to understand ones you know it but more because of the fact that so many photographer basically don´t practise it with full awareness.

Our day will be divided in two parts. First you will practise how to build up a face in different ways and learn what really matters and how to control you composition when you shoot portrait. After lunch we will use this knowledge and ad how to direct our model, using available light and how to build up an interesting background.

Total Price: 2900 HK dollar per person for the Photo workshop only. Everything else is excluded such as Traveling, Hotel, Food etc..
Maximum Number of Participants: 6
Minimum Number of Participants: 2
Payment in Full: Cash on starting date 2017-03-19

Complete your booking: Mail your name and adress to and I will return your confirmation.


See the workshop the day before in HK on Saturday March 18-2017 for Street photography…

Sunday Mars 19. Starting at 10:00 am. Finish at 17:30 pm.
We will get together over a Coffee and go through everything in our program for the day including camera settings.
Lunchbreak around 1-2 pm.
The course will start from The Coffee Academic at 35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hongkong, Kina Link

My lens suggestion: Around 50 mm lens or nearby. Low F-stop (1,4-2,8) is always nice.

Expected expenses during the course days could be Local city transportation, Restaurant visit, and anything else that will make you feel good and get you thru the days.

Complete your booking: Mail your name and adress to and I will return your confirmation.

Bellow some images from shooting models on location in different environments!