Photo workshop Street photography in Hong Kong March 18 – 2017

Total Price: 2250 HK dollar per person for the Photo workshop only. Everything else is excluded such as Traveling, Hotel, Food etc..
Maximum Number of Participants: 8
Payment in Full: Cash on starting date 2017-03-18

Complete your booking: Mail your name and adress to and I will return your confirmation.

We will spend A full day together in this dynamic city. Shooting exiting images of local characters in interesting environments. Catching everyday life along with details. Create emotions and movements both sharp and unsharp. Work careful and patiently with composition to set that final feeling to what you like to express! Together we vill set upp a storyboard plan for the images that we can control and even the spontaneous ones.

See the next day workshop in HK on Sunday March 19-2017 for Portrait with model on location…

Some background:
I´m a full time professional photographer here in Stockholm since 20 years. I´ve been shooting Street since 1982 and most recently in New York (September 2016) Hong Kong (Nov 2016) and Hanoi (Jan 2017) Before that I have had similar workshops since 2008 in Paris, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York and of course Stockholm since 2001 where i also teach photography in different levels at The Folk university.


Saturday Mars 18. Starting at 10:00 am. Finish at 20:00 pm.
We will get together over a Coffee and go through everything in our program for the day including camera settings.
To our help we will right down a small storyboard for your potential images to do. Lunchbreak around 1-2 pm. Then we´ll continue until 4 pm. Break for Analyze and Professional feedback for a couple of hours in a nice bar or Café where we can expect some refreshing drinks and discus one another images. Bring your own laptop or similar screen for displaying your pictures. Between 6-8 pm. knowing at lot more we´ll start the Nightstreet (or blue hour) session Mowing towards Central where I will show you how to Panorate with your camera and catch movements in action in beautiful light!

Date and place 18 Mars 2017 The course will start from The Coffee Academic at 35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hongkong, Kina Link

Except for your camera gear (my suggestion: Allround zoom approximately 18-120 mm or the lens that you prefer to use and a light sensitive lens for the night shooting) you will also need a laptop or similar item to display your images on.

Expected expenses during the course days could be Local city transportation, Restaurant visit, and anything else that will make you feel good and get you thru the days.

Complete your booking: Mail your name and adress to and I will return your confirmation.

Let me show you some images from my last shooting in HK!