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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Street Photography workshop 2-4 Nov 2018.

29 augusti, 2018

Ofta när jag letar motiv och tycker att det inte finns något som är gott nog för en bild försöker jag finna det där vardagliga som jag knappt tittar åt eller ens uppfattar. Det här gänget ungdomar återkommer jag till allt oftare och inser nu några år senare att den fortsätter att växa i mina ögon. Bilden sammanfattar unga människor med kläder stil och jargong i nutidens Hong Kong. En klart märkbar differens från 1994 när jag var där första gången.

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Fotograf Marcus Johansson

Ps. En deltagare till och workshopen är startklar!

Hong Kong Halloween Street Photography

Street photography workshop in Hong Kong March 18

22 februari, 2017

Street photography is very much about timing. Most photography involving people are. But Street is not the same because it is seldom authorized. So I learned that people where I live in the western world create their own mind-ghost about how strangers in Street environments would react and behave towards you with a camera as a stranger to them.

If your mind-ghost are very naughty for that particular shooting moment that´s what your body language will project towards the stranger. Not a very good start.

I relies of course that this is nothing new for you guys out there but it seems that it is worth pointing out because although many of you keep doing it. So why is that? Well, I know for a fact how to deal with it allowing your Street photography to develop in a positiv direction getting closer to strange people. Which will of course give your viewers more contact and presens in to your images!

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Photographer Marcus Johansson
(Founder of Street photography workshops in Sweden and have been shooting Street since 1982)

Photo workshop Street photography in Hong Kong March 18 – 2017

Hong Kong photo workshop on March 18-19, 2017

8 februari, 2017

Some days when your out there with your camera there is absolutely noting to shoot. Or perhaps you just don´t see it, or it could also be a lack of imagination? What ever the reason It´s kind of boring on your lovely day off. When you experience this mood in Street photography there is probably a lack of imagination if you don´t count knowledge.

The best thing in my opinion is to a immediately let go of your expectations and do something else or shoot something else for a while. And if you experience the same thing repeatedly? Try a photo workshop on the subject or any subject as a matter of fact. It will probably cast some new light and give you enough inspiration in some direction!

One of my workshops is about Portrait with a model on location. This is really awesome and you can certainly use the knowledge for every motiv category that includes people and environments in a much more quality way afterwords!

In order to be faster as a photographer and to able to build up more interesting images you need to be more a where of every component of your motive category, learn how its shaped, what it´s used for, how it works, moves and what to expect basically. There is not so much to it and it will probably help if you are a bit curious as an individual. It´s necessary to place everything in a certain logical order using composition to make it look good in your final display!

Hong Kong Street Workshop tomorrow Nov 5

4 november, 2016

There is still room for one or maybe two more. Just mail me if you want to participate!

We will spend A full day together in this dynamic city. Shooting exiting images of local characters in interesting environments. Catching everyday life along with details in both day and -nightlight. Create emotions and movements both sharp and unsharp. Work careful and patiently with composition to set that final feeling to what you like to express! Together we vill set upp a storyboard plan for the images that we can control and even the spontaneous ones.

Hong Kong Street 2016

Hong Kong Street 2016

Hong Kong Street 2016

Hong Kong Street 2016

Hong Kong Street 2016

Hong Kong Street 2016

Hong Kong Street med mera…

2 november, 2016
Model Melly

Model Melly

Kom på mig själv med att gnälla över att det var mulet väder idag. 25 grader varmt men som sagt mulet och därmed en aning tråkigt ljus. Blev dock på bättre humör när Martin Gunnarson och Sanna Sjöswärd berättade om snö och slask 🙂 Hinner liksom inte med allt jag tänker mig här borta men å andra sidan så får det där med att hinna med vänta tills jag har lust och om jag har lust 🙂 Alla tjejer här borta (även männen bara så ni vet) vill såklart bli fotograferade och jag passar på att träna lite olika varianter som här med högt Iso i naturligt nattljus. – Melly you are talented and doing very well before the camera for a first timer! Hope you like it? Cheers //Marcus

Hong Kong Street photography

1 november, 2016

Här kommer några färska bilder från gatan i HK

Tram in the move

Tram in the move

Kärt återseende av mina spårvagnar ägnade jag två timmar till att få till några sköna bilder både från vagnen och från mitt i gatan!

Spårvagn Vs Buss

Spårvagn Vs Buss

Alltid intressant och finna ut vilka bilder som fastnar första dagen.

Reflexer i bilruta

Reflexer i bilruta

På väg genom trängsel av människor öppnar det sig plötsligt en lucka som verkar för bra för att vara sann. Jag spidar på för att vinna några längder och bakom nästa rygg förstår jag med ens varför där var en lucka då gäller det att agera snabbt med kameran 🙂


Det finns några platser lediga för den som vill vara med på Workshopen här i Hong Kong! Läs mer här

Photo workshop Street photography in Hong Kong Nov 5 – 2016

Heading east for my workshop next Saturday

26 oktober, 2016
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

If you thinking about doing a photo course or not?
Try to practise your photography skills on a Statue. If you make it look alive and express the body body-languish of which it was made for you to interpret by it´s creator – your doing fine! If your picture develop second thoughts you are probably better of practising some more!

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In order to express yourself through the camera you will need to understand what your looking at and probably where its coming from. Photographer Marcus Johansson