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Model on Location workshop in Hong Kong

21 mars, 2017

Model Melly

A rainy day this Sunday turn out to be fantastic for our shooting practice! Thank you, Melly. You did awesome! //Marcus

Next similar workshop will be in Stockholm on April 23 – 2017 Learn more here.. Porträttkurs med modell i naturliga miljöer

Photographer Marcus Johansson

If you really would like to learn more about making portraits of people in exiting environments or how to get better shots in Street photography, Weddings, Family, or Sports with people in action for that matter. This workshop will guide you thru the necessary details. What matters and where the smal differensers lies!

Develop your knowledge for portrait photography

18 februari, 2017

Model Vera Eroshina

In order to be a better photographer you need to know where you´re going. And if you like to develop you´re creativeness you need to understand all the parts that you can influence!

I just love this picture for the moment as it is brand new. Things might develop in a different direction after a while but that´s the beauty of images.

Next month in March 19 I have put up a workshop in Hong Kong that will contain a great deal of basic and i like to think of it as quite advanced composition technique. Not because it is hard to understand ones you know it but more because of the fact that so many photographer basically don´t practise it with full awareness.

Learn more of this one day workshop here!

Model Shoot at inspiring street environments in Hong Kong March 19-2017

And here if you want to join in Stockholm on April 23!

Porträttkurs med modell i naturliga miljöer

Hong Kong photo workshop on March 18-19, 2017

8 februari, 2017

Some days when your out there with your camera there is absolutely noting to shoot. Or perhaps you just don´t see it, or it could also be a lack of imagination? What ever the reason It´s kind of boring on your lovely day off. When you experience this mood in Street photography there is probably a lack of imagination if you don´t count knowledge.

The best thing in my opinion is to a immediately let go of your expectations and do something else or shoot something else for a while. And if you experience the same thing repeatedly? Try a photo workshop on the subject or any subject as a matter of fact. It will probably cast some new light and give you enough inspiration in some direction!

One of my workshops is about Portrait with a model on location. This is really awesome and you can certainly use the knowledge for every motiv category that includes people and environments in a much more quality way afterwords!

In order to be faster as a photographer and to able to build up more interesting images you need to be more a where of every component of your motive category, learn how its shaped, what it´s used for, how it works, moves and what to expect basically. There is not so much to it and it will probably help if you are a bit curious as an individual. It´s necessary to place everything in a certain logical order using composition to make it look good in your final display!

No more pictures to show….

2 januari, 2017

My image bank on my laptop is empty at least from something meaningful this morning in Istanbul.


So i dig in to some older pictures from last Monday to be precise! My model Frida is playing around with a piece of fabric over her face and body.

This morning over breakfast I´m looking at beautiful sunshine over the ocean and I will soon enough hunt for some new pictures….

Cheers //Marcus in Istanbul

Street-style shoot with model on location in NYC 12-24 Sep 2016

4 september, 2016
Model on location by Photographer Marcus Johansson

Model on location by Photographer Marcus Johansson

I´m looking for an model who can act some and fit in to Street-environments and situations.
Together we will create interesting images with a story and suitable expressions trying to make contrast with feminine clothing and energy. You will need to do your own styling. Humour and fun along with loving to be before the camera and not afraid to take action when ideas pup up is probably carakteristic! This is a personal project and therefore on a more limited budget. Please contact me thru
Looking forward to here from you.. Photographer Marcus Johansson

Exclusive workshop Model on location Istanbul 9-10 Jan 2015

1 december, 2014
Park lane model shoot

Park lane model shoot

A perfect balanced workshop in how to shoot a model on location

For two days we will work with day and ambient light in mysteries Istanbul using small flashes for some extra filling and some reflectors during daytime and after dark.
You will learn more about how to give direction and how to keep the energy flowing and how to build an exiting and beautiful background with interesting expressions.

I´ll guaranteed skillful knowledge and a wonderful two days in good company with many laughter and exiting environments!

The two day photo course is 300 Euro. excluding food and drink. I can help with travel agent and hotel if needed.

Please contact me for further information on

Please noticed that this is an exclusive photo workshop with my best model (se picture above from New York this September) for reduced prized because of the short period of time, I need to go there for a few days and prepare for coming events in may 2015. Therefore it is settle to start and there will be maximum 6 persons.

Photographer Marcus Johansson

Check out my gallery from last time in Istanbul Istanbul Street

Street photography i ett dynamiskt Hong Kong

6 november, 2014


Klicka upp bilden större!

Utifrån alla storstäder där jag de senaste 7 åren besökt regelbundet för att plåta Street och hålla workshops är nog Hong Kong för stunden en av de ballare städerna!
Påminner mycket om New York fast lite mer dynamiskt på en mindre geografisk yta, allt finns inom ett rimligt avstånd och det går därför att byta miljö väldigt smidigt och enkelt som i Barcelona. Detta lämnar såklart utrymme för små och stora tankar i den kreativa processen och gör en upprymd med möjligheter som skapar inspiration och ett oändligt brett smil i ansiktet.
Jag kommer på mig själv med att glömma bort att pausa, dricka vatten och tom äta för att bildidéerna avlöser varandra. I´m already planning for the next trip with workshops in English, Street photography, Architecture, and Portrait with models on location!

Foto endagskurs med presentkort!

21 november, 2013
Porträttkurs med modell i Barcelona 2012

Porträttkurs med modell i Barcelona 2012

Ge bort en heldag med fotografisk kunskap och sann fotoglädje. Samtliga workshops går regelbundet året runt i små grupper och de är välstrukturerade med pedagogiskt upplägg!

Här hittar du alla fasta kurser här i Stockholm och utomlands.

Klicka på respektive kurs

Låt mig veta om du vill skräddarsy en heldag så ordnar jag det med vilken som helst inriktning här i Stockholm eller på önskad plats.

Kurser utomlands under vårterminen går på skolloven med start i Berlin 27-28 Feb. 2014
Berlin Street & Nightstreet

Under Påsklovet är det New York workshop under 2,5 dagar
New York Apr 2014

Och i sköna maj under Kristihimmelfärds helgen kör jag tre endagskurser med olik inriktningar i Paris
Paris Fotokurser Maj 2014

Här kan du läsa hur Presentkortet fungerar
Så gör du…

Och här kan du kika igenom vad kursdeltagare säger….
Spontana kurskommentarer..

Välkommen till Roliga och utvecklande fotokurser

Fotograf Marcus Johansson

Platser lediga till helgens workshops

12 juni, 2013
Odenplan staketet får ny färg

Odenplan staketet får ny färg

Lördag 15/6 9:30-16 Street photography med erbjudande Gå två betala för en pga framflyttat datum Spana in bilder och Läs mer

Söndag 16/6 10:00-16 Porträttfotografering med modell Den här workshopen får dig att gå loss totalt med kameran Ni kommer att älska det och kunskaperna är helt avgörande och väsentliga för all fotografering!
Missa inte detta Bara modellen som är en av mina absolut bästa är värd upplevelsen!