Exclusive workshop Model on location Istanbul 9-10 Jan 2015

Park lane model shoot
Park lane model shoot

A perfect balanced workshop in how to shoot a model on location

For two days we will work with day and ambient light in mysteries Istanbul using small flashes for some extra filling and some reflectors during daytime and after dark.
You will learn more about how to give direction and how to keep the energy flowing and how to build an exiting and beautiful background with interesting expressions.

I´ll guaranteed skillful knowledge and a wonderful two days in good company with many laughter and exiting environments!

The two day photo course is 300 Euro. excluding food and drink. I can help with travel agent and hotel if needed.

Please contact me for further information on marcus@icepic.se

Please noticed that this is an exclusive photo workshop with my best model (se picture above from New York this September) for reduced prized because of the short period of time, I need to go there for a few days and prepare for coming events in may 2015. Therefore it is settle to start and there will be maximum 6 persons.

Photographer Marcus Johansson

Check out my gallery from last time in Istanbul Istanbul Street

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