Street Photography is all about…


.. what you see. Quite easy actually. It´s when you try describe the story through your camera where the challenge begins. What you see is not what you get any longer.

That is all about understanding how your tool (camera) works. And you will figure it out through practise and perhaps some workshops to put the pieces together a little faster. To learn more about how to build your picture using composition is a lifetime doing like any languish so don´t worry about not getting where you want fast enough.

The urban environment has so many storys to tell and as in so many ways. The beauty of pictures as an international languish for everyone to understand.

I often use my camera to get close to people make them a part and to share the picture together with me knowing or not knowing before or after my shoot. This kind of thinking helps me to dare more in my micro meetings with strangers in the streets!

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